Hen with poorly cold and eye, ;-(

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  1. Lianne C

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    Mar 17, 2012
    I really hope someone can help, my son and I will be devastated if anything were to happen to our new hens.

    I bought 2 wynadott hens from a reputable breeder a few weeks ago, they're now about 11 weeks old. They are outside in the day and in at night
    Ever since we got them they have been sneezing alot and opening their beaks as if they're going to talk, (I've now found out this is due to respiratory problems). I spoke to the breeder who basically said it wasn't her problem as she warned me they get ill at that age, (which is not what she said, she mentioned something about a disease they can be vaccinated for, etc.) We worked out that my chicks have a cold, so she kindly gave me some anti-biotic to put in their water every other day.

    I've been doing this since Monday, they have still been sneezing, and now one has a droopy bottom eyelid, which also looks quite watery. I don't know what to do, bathe the eye, wait and hope the anti-biotics work, or is it something completely different to a cold.
    They have been sorting out the pecking order, but it's not been to the point Lucy could have got Rosie's eye.

    Please help, i know there's no chance I'll sleep tonight, as I'll be so worried.

    Lianne x
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    I would go to your local feed store or Tractor Supply and buy a product called Tylan 50, it is a cattle medication that is injected. Buy a small 22 gage needle and 3cc syringe, you can give it orally but will still need syringe and needle to get out medication from bottle. Give them three drops in their mouth. Do this for three days.. Injecting under skin works quicker... 1/4 cc under skin, for 3 days. This should clear up the problem, but know that many chicken respitory problems are life long and easily passed on to others.

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