Hen with possible liver issues

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    Apr 16, 2011
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    My barred rock hen Spaghetti has been really ill lately, and I described the problem in another topic about her and how my other chickens were getting sick. Well, everybody is recovering well, except Spaghetti. She finally breathes well, but she doesn't eat much and has lost a lot of weight. I finally got her to eat her layer feed by soaking it in warm water and making it a mash of sorts. Nothing else would interest her much, not even mealworms, she'd just eat a few. Now that she finally got a decent amount of food in her, she had her almost real poop this morning, but the urate is very creamy yellow. I read that's a sign of liver problems, so what other treats/food can I offer her in hopes she'll eat it and help hjer liver go back to normal?
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    Well, I can tell you as an RN, for humans, bilirubin is what makes your poo brown, which is a function of the liver. In order to detox the liver we recommend sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin and mango. To help get rid of free radicals, a by product, we suggest tomatos and watermelon. When a liver is damaged, you don't want foods that are hard to breakdown like red meat and alcohol. So, I am not sure but maybe you don't want to feed Spaghetti protein? It seems logical to me, but I really don't know about chicken livers.... other than pate : )

    Good luck!

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