Hen with prolapse

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    Hi all

    I have a two year old Australorp hen with prolapse....it came on suddenly two days ago
    I noticed blood on the egg she layed two days ago so I immediately checked her back end and sure enough there was a some felshy stuff hanging out of her vent.
    I washed the protrusion and used Vaseline to put It back in place
    The next morning I checked her and she was fine and all looked good and healthy
    However this morning I checked her again and she has layed another egg which had a bit of blood on it also but not as much as the first one
    She now has something protruding from her vent again but it is like a string with white poo like stuff on it and the string breaks easily so I assume it cant be part of her insides
    Any ideas what it is and what I can do to help her?
    She is fine otherwise and is scratching around in the garden
    I will try and get some photos at some stage but she is rather flighty and hard to catch


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