Hen with prolapsed vent.


6 Years
Apr 29, 2013
Poor Yvette, my Cuckoo Maran, has a prolapsed vent. I soaked her in a warm bucket of water and was able to see her ailment. It is not pretty. I don't know a way to fix it, and if she continues to lay eggs it will likely not get better. She laid a bloody normal egg out in the yard today instead of in a nest. I wonder if she had been egg bound and it was a job getting it out??? I don't think she's laid an egg in a few days prior. Most of her feathers from her tail down are gone. My poor baby. She's eating, but is staying off to herself. I'm open to suggestions.

Keep her in a clean place where no one can peck at her vent. Also, give her a human calcium pill.

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Open mouth, put pill behind tongue, she should just swallow it. Never seen chicken calcium, just oyster shell. A calcium pill will work better and faster than feeding her oyster shell.
Won't laying another egg make the prolapse worse? I would hate to cause her extra pain.
Are you serious? If she has another egg, would you rather it stay stuck and have her die from that? I had a duck hen that had to live in my bathtub for two weeks due to her prolapse and the four eggs that she laid.

The key to shutting down egg production is amount of food, not calcium.

Do some research on EYP, internal laying and prolapse.
I did research EYP, and also had been researching prolapse, she definitely has a prolapse. The fact that her bottom is bleeding leads me to believe she is not long for this world, along with her behavior. The first day I noticed a trickle of blood from her bottom, yesterday most all of her feathers down there were gone and the prolapse was visible and bloody. Thanks for your advice and pardon me for being a novice. I love my chickens. My hen was given calcium this morning... she is withdrawn and quiet. She does not want to go out and free range. Thanks for your advice. I will let you know how we come out.

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