Hen with swollen brow--need advice! *see pic*

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    One of our BLRW hens has a growth about the size of a small grape above her right eye. This began about 3-4 weeks ago. We thought it would go down on it's on, so we have not done anything to it. It gives a little when you press on it, like it has liquid inside.
    She has been eating and pooping and moving around like usual. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? We weren't sure if we should try pricking it or lancing let whatever's in, out.
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    Oww!! [​IMG] That looks painful! Can you lance it? It looks like an abscess. I imagine that it'll need antibiotics, but I am not sure which is the best for an abscess on the brow. I am sure someone will comment soon as to what would be best. But, I'd think that it'd need to be lanced to get some of the infection out of there.

    edited to add...I think Tylan 50 is the one that people use for infections in the sinus/eye region, but I can't guarantee that.
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    I would lance it before it gets any worse. Looks like an infection and a chickens sinuses and eyes and brain are only a thin membrane from each other so when that thing grows inward because it can't grow outward she will get the infection in her brain and I think that would be a horrible way to die.

    Penicillan G is a super antibiotic inject 1cc into the breast once a day for 5 days
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    Have you tried a warm compress on it?

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