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I have a 1 yo hen who is having some pretty bad wet butt (feathers all around butt are wet with white residue). Every time I pick her up she squirts out a clear watery fluid. I have been watching her poop and it's also very watery, sometimes "spongy" and seafoam greenish. We lost a hen last year to these same type of symptoms. I want to say it's worms, but what do you guys think this is. I called the feed store and they recommended Wazine. I gave it to my girls yesterday and just gave them fresh water. I don't know what else to do. They are in a very large run, but also get time to free range and eat bugs. I have also noticed in the coop the poop is so watery, I have to change all the pine shavings every day because they are soaking wet. What can I do to fix this. I have read about dawn in the water, ACV in the water, and fermented food. I want to try thing things, but want to see if someone has had these same issues, and know what is going on. Please help me, I don't want to lose another one of my girls. Also if I use the ACV in the water, how much per gallon? Thanks!

* Side notes:
She is still eating and drinking, behaving normally. No major weightloss as of yet, red comb.

These girls are living in mild weather here in California. More like beautiful weather ;)

They have a very clean run, and grazing conditions.

Their coop is well maintained and clean.

They are on layer crumbles with DE added, with flax meal and some sort of hollistic wormer. (Although I don't think it's working)
you might want to try a probotic . when my chickens get the runs I put probios in there water and in a couple days they are back to normal. the product probios gives many beneficial bacteria into the gut and helps fight the bad. it has a LOT more beneficial bacteria in it than plain yougart and is not a milk product. it contains lactobacillus and acidophilus lactibacillus casei and lactobacillus plantarum. the good bacteria takes up housing and fights the bad bacteria like the kind that causes the diarrhea. it has worked very well for me and is good for the whole flock. you can also give on a regular basis to promote gut health. I mix it in there water. I give 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water. it helps balance out the bacteria in the gut with good healthy bacteria. I think your hen would really benefit from it . a jar lasts a good long time. I think its around 12.00 if I remember correctly. I ordered mine online. you can order it by looking up Probios for chickens and it should pop up or going to WWW.Probios.com. it comes really fast in the mail. it contains a live source of naturally occurring microorganisms. I've had great luck with probios I even have given it to my chicks for poppy butt and it clears it right up. sounds like your hen is needing some good bacteria in her gut to help her with the diarrhea. this should really help. I know the feed store also carries probotics. I believe rooster booster brand. I've not tried that brand but I think if you don't want to order probios online then that might be another option. but if you are interested I think probios is a great product and I think your hen could really benefit from the good bacteria at this point. I hope this helps it has always worked well for me and my flock. I hope she feels better soon! I hope you give the probotic a try. take a look at probios for chickens and see what you think. best wishes to you.
Thank you so much realsis! Ok so I have Keifr that I put in their food and made some mash out of it. I also got some pumpkin seeds and ACV to mix in the food. I made them a wet mash for 2 days in a row now and she is no better. This is really starting to freak me out. You'd think with all these great probiotics and good food that she'd be showing improvement. I am going to re-post, as there is something more going on here. I am contemplating a vet visit.....Sheesh! She seems fine, just nasty wet poop, and sticky, wet, drippy butt. :(
I'm sorry the probotics didn't work. by chance did you try Probios? I wish you would give it a try. every time my birds get the poppy butt it always cures it. it has several different beneficial bacteria in it. kiefer is supposed to be very good too but I'm not sure if it has as many micro organisms in it. she's surely off balance with the micro organisms in the gut. as to what's causing it to be off balance that's the mystery. what color is her droppings? that makes a difference. maybe we can figure it out by the color. different colors mean different things. so what is the color? I'll try and look it up in my chicken health books for you. hope this will help. you can treat diarrhea with oxytetracycline or chlortetracycline in the drinking water according to the health book. if you choose to try after treatment egg discard time is two weeks .if she's not responding to the probotics I'd try the antibiotic and see if it helps with the diarrhea. then I'd treat with probotics to replace good bacteria lost to treatment. hope this is helpful.
I am ordering some ProBios now :) I am trying to call the vet to see if they can get me something antibiotic..... or the feed store.

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