Hen won’t open eye

Could she have gotten something in it and it's just still sore? No discharge or anything? Pupil responding properly? How long has this been occurring?
Sometimes hens get pecked in the eye, or get debris inside, etc. Do as Dawg, suggested and flush the eye with some saline. That will help flush out any debris and may reduce some inflammation going on. You can make your own, or buy premade saline/ or eyewash at your nearest health store.

If the eye continues to get worse, you could dab Neosporin, or something like Terramycin on with a cotton swab.

How does one flush a chicken’s eye if they won’t open it? I worry that this I’ll accidentally waterboard the chicken.
A warm cloth soak will help get any crusties off, just be gentle. If there aren't crusties, gently hold it open. I don't think you'll waterboard her.

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