Hen won't leave nest box!

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    Jun 30, 2013
    I have six hens. No rooster!!! My best and biggest hen thinks she can hatch chicks. She can roll eggs from one box to another because there is a connection before the little wall that holds in the hay and eggs. Yesterday she rolled all of the eggs from other chickens and my fake eggs into her nest box and sat on them all day. I don't think she ever got up, drank, or ate. I collected the real eggs and moved the fake eggs. This morning I saw her on another nest box and she was sitting on all of the fake eggs. I took her out and sat her near one of my water containers away from all of the other hens. I read that they can starve to death if this kind of behavior happens. She didn't even want chicken scratch yesterday or today. Her eyes are clear, wattle and comb waxy and red, feathers are fluffy and a good color. I need help from the experts!!! Did I do the right thing by moving her out? There is just no way she is going to have chicks.
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    Brooding has nothing to do with fertile egg or even eggs. This is just instinct as far as starving. I doubt it. when trying to hatch eggs the hen maintains temperature and eats and drinks as she needs it. I know some people have lost hens while brooding but I would look for another cause. I just remove the eggs twice daily and they give up.
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    Jul 17, 2013
    I have the same issue with a hen right now--I gave her duck eggs to sit on--

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