Hen won't leave the coop


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8 Years
Jul 2, 2011
Griffin, GA
Last week, something got into our coop and killed 3 of my 4 hens. The last one didn't seem visibly injured, but now she won't come out of the coop unless we make her, and she's not eating normally. Is she traumatized, or should I worry that something is physically wrong with her?
Your hen is most certainly traumatized, especially if she is the only survivor of the attack. Not only did she see something kill her flockmates, but she lost her friends and is now dealing both with the trauma and her grief. She will need a lot of TLC from you to overcome it, in the form of treats, gentle encouragement, and--if she'll allow it--cuddles. If she is indeed your only remaining chicken, I'd suggest getting her some new flockmates ASAP. Chickens are very social animals and tend to get a bit wonky if they're all alone.
do u have a pic of what it left but if it left heads it's a weasle if it is a hole ug under your pen and feathers ever were and feathers in the ege of the woods then a fox.

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