Hen won't stop sitting on eggs?

Haley Clark

6 Years
Mar 2, 2013
Western North Carolina
I have a golden laced Wyandotte that keeps wanting to sit on her eggs. She started about a month ago and everyday I pick her up and get the eggs and put her in the coop. I will go down the next day and she's right back on more eggs. She puffs up at me but isn't aggressive. How do I break this habit? Thanks:)
Send her to me
I'll let her brood chicks to her heart's content!

If it's been a month, she may be winding down on her own. If you want to move things along, best way it to put her in a wire bottom cage, elevated off the ground. Give her food, water and a roost if you like, but no nest area. This usually works in around 5 days.
Congratulations! You have a broody hen! Some love 'em. Some would rather they not be that way and continue laying eggs.
You can search through the threads on here for various methods to end this madness, or, give her some eggs to hatch.
Locking her up in an area away from the nest, will break her from this. It may take a couple of days, or, a couple of weeks.
Good luck.

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