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    Mar 24, 2012
    I live in Henrico, and though I desperately want just a couple of hens, my next door neighbor was busted last fall because he had a rooster and there were noise complaints. Animal Control agents showed up at my door and said there was a rooster either in our backyard or in the yard next to us and it needed to be removed. My husband wouldn't roll over on our next door neighbor, but he was still caught and had to give up all of his chickens. What I don't understand is why chickens are so terrible, but the guy can have as many obnoxious, noisy, dirty parrots as he wants. He has two BIG parrot houses in the yard, as well as a cockatoo who often hangs out on the front porch. I guess I will try contacting some county administrators and maybe get my now-chickenless neighbor on board? I just joined this site a few moments ago, so hopefully I'll find more help and support in these forums.
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    Mar 18, 2012
    Nice news article!!! Any ideas on how to fight it all? I am in Henrico too.
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    Oct 24, 2011
    Was this RESOLVED? There are many communities allowing chickens around the country--see link here!


    List of cities and if they have rules/infractions/ other from Appleton Summary

    Top site for everything CHICKEN including the places chickens are allowed and what/if are the rules for each local. Updated often, last update in 2011.


    Many concerns are/were addressed on the above sites, but also the concern often brought up is about smell and/or the waste from chickens. Which really, shouldn't be a problem for you.

    HOWEVER, Important in any lobbying and/or trying to make a change is INFORMATION! Have Information and be positive!

    Everyone has a point to get across! Whether they are correct or not, or have a valid concern of course can be debated. However, information is power, and if you are a reasonable and decent person- GOOD LUCK!

    Here are a few sites regarding smell/waste:

    Smell & Waste Concerns of Poultry keeping

    The Real Bounty of The Coop (Hint: It’s Not Eggs)


    http://www.urbanchickens.net/2009/02/what-to-do-with-urban-chicken-poop.htmlWaste from Chickens
    Chicken waste when composted makes great fertilizer!
    For instance-4 Chickens make less waste than one Dog!

    Many sites explaining how to use the small amount of chicken waste and turn it into valuable garden fertilizer.


    Myth 3. Waste and Odor. http://www.bigrstore.com/blog/view/1402
    Fact: a 40 pound dog generates more solid waste then 10 chickens. To be more specific, one 40 pound dog generates about ¾ pounds (.75 pounds) of poo every day. Ten chickens generate about two-thirds pounds (.66 pounds) daily poop.
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    Oct 24, 2011
    Another issue that could be brought up is NOISE! Oh, noise, again, get your information straight, and shouldn't be an issue!

    From this article "Typical female chicken noises are around 63 decibels, which is in the range of normal conversation between people. In any case, chicken are quieter than dogs barking or outdoor cats fighting in the night...." Noise/what about Noise?

    Wikipedia, noise and also some other common questions regarding keeping chickens.
    From Wikipedia on noise
    Noise, What about Noise? "In some areas, roosters are banned, and only hens are allowed, and in limited numbers, to prevent problems with noise. Hens are relatively quiet as compared to pet dogs, though hens often vocalize after an egg is laid for a few minutes. The noise level during this squawking period has been measured at around 63 decibels, or about the level of two people talking. Other than post-laying squawking, normal hen sounds are not audible at 25 feet (7.6 m)."

    "The noise level of a rooster’s crow is about the same as a barking dog, 90 decibels. But there are ways to keep roosters quiet throughout the night." http://www.bigrstore.com/blog/view/1402
    Noisy Chickens? Quieter than the neighborhood birds in your yard.


    When we next meet I will be asking CLUCK supporters to engage in an effort to address EVERY concern raised at last night's City Planning Board meeting. In the meantime, let's look at one single argument that was presented, without opportunity for rebuttal or clarification, by one of the Planning Board members. Noise.

    Roosters! Love a rooster too!


    myth of noise a rooster makes

    Exactly how far does a rooster's crow go? in General Discussion ...

    15 posts - 8 authors - May 24, 2008

    Exactly how far does a rooster's crow go? ... but, if it were. just how far away could one hear a 83 db rooster's crow? I leave it to you to work out ...http://www.bigrstore.com/blog/bydate/2011/January
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    Oct 24, 2011
    Good luck! [​IMG] I hope to hear about you having chickens in Henrico Co, Virginia and/or elsewhere in Whatever TOWN you are in!

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    Jun 20, 2012

    I was just wondering how your fight over chickens ended. I just received citation from Henrico county about having 12 chickens in my backyard. If there is any way for me to fight this I will. And advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  7. egghead@1265

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    Oct 24, 2011
    Wow! I am so sorry and bummed for you! Keep me updated and I will think this all over....

    I find this so disappointing, as you are a responsible pet owner and I feel towns like yours are being very shortsighted and difficult! There is so much that supports the keeping of backyard chickens, I find it hard to believe that a place like Henrico and some of the other areas/townships referenced here and a few of the other posts on BYC, have battled responsible pet/caretakers like US!

    I found the most effective point made at our town meeting that we attended, was when it was pointed out(by a board member no less!!!) that on a regular basis, when people are considering moving to our community, the question is asked about being able to own BACKYARD CHICKENS!!! I believe that hearing that, anyone involved with town government/management/forward looking/ community oriented/ public relations concerns//.... Well OBVIOUSLY would want to support and satisfy the demand and desire for owning and keeping backyard chickens!

    If chickens can be kept in places like Chicago, Illinois for Heavens Sake!

    I am pasting here an interesting section from a website I will reference with MUCH information summarized to support your plight! I wish we lived closer by, as I surely would present my physicla presence to support your plea/cause! This is the link in which the information below is taken from. (much more info here/if needed and/or interested!)


    Here it is:
    "In fact there is data proving otherwise. Forbes lists of the 10 healthiest real estate markets and all but one city allow chickens. Greener Living
    • Springfield, MO - Voted October 2010 to allow for backyard chickens
    • Denver, CO – chickens have been allowed for some time. They even have an annual event the “tour de coup.”
    • Albuquerque, NM - allows up to 15 chickens and one rooster. You may even slaughter for food. (not my bag but noteworthy none the less)
    • Colorado Springs, CO – 10 chickens and no roosters.
    • San Antonio, TX – you may have up to 5 livestock animals (including sheeps, goats, pigs, cows) and of that number 3 can be chickens without a permit.
    • Austin, TX – Up to 10 chickens allowed and they do a funky chicken coop tour
    • McAllen, TX - you may have up to 6 per acre
    • Raleigh, NC – no limit on number of chickens kept
    Currently in our country real estate company's in trying to find new ways to sell homes are offering brand new chicken coops with the purchase of a new home.

    National Association of Realtors
    NJ Association of Realtors

    Chickens Are Not Pets

    Of course they are and great ones too. Hens are the one pet that produces things that improve your life. Chickens are pets with a purpose. Hens lay eggs their entire life and live up to over 15 years old. By providing a high protein food source, chicken hens pay for themselves.

    [SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px]Over 6,000,000 homes in the USA own indoor birds as pets.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    Snakes are pets. Horses, rabbits, spiders, and rats are pets.

    [SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px]In New York City, NY, chickens are considered pets under the Health Code.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px][SIZE=13px]Unlimited number of hens are allowed. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    To answer your question directly however...

    To be honest, NO, we haven't heard anything.

    I was more going with, "No news is good news..." thought that is somewhat risky as well!

    We did eliminate our rooster, which apparently was the major problem(though they said not guarenteed that it would be resolved with just rooster removal!....) Ugh, the whole thing makes me upset!!! Especially as our rooster was sweet and nothing like the neighbors rooster(who was probably the culprit in the first place!...though, that is another situation/story altogether!...) A great friend took Rudy/our rooster and Rudy Jr. until they could be placed with another family! (So relieved! I was able to visit until they moved even, so that was a blessing!)

    Our update is this, on our hens!

    Well, our hens DO LIVE the GOOD LIFE! Our hens actually have their own SUMMER HOME!
    [​IMG] YES, they actually leave their home in the city [​IMG](well/it is a farm community which is a village with less than 10,000 people. Our lot is about 3.5 acres in a woods which backs up to a wooded County Public property with a creek of fresh water between our land and the County land. However, our hens move to their Summer home, just north of their rural/village winter home for the 3 summer months of June, July, and August! Their Summer home is located on our property where we are for most of the summer. We laugh as we look like the, "Clampets (from the old television show of the Beverly Hillbillies, as we move the hens, their house & run, and etc! [​IMG](It is quite a site to see!) So, our hens are now in their summer home location and we even bought a new summer home/coop for them to live in while away for the summer! We were lucky to find a farm family who wasn't using their coop they had built, as their hens preferred staying in their barn instead of the coop that had built for them. So, now we won't have to move their coop each season for the summer months! We like having the hens near us, as we spend the majority of our summer months here!...So, we are all lucky! But, getting back to our neighbors and all... basically, while neighbors have their windows open in their homes for the warmer summer months of the mid-west, our hens are not anywhere nearby at all!
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    Oct 24, 2011
    Wow, come on Henrico County!

    Seriously, there MUST be bigger issues than keeping a few hens in a backyard! I can't imagine what all of the fuss is about! Are DOGS not allowed in Henrico? Or how about cats? Are all dogs and cats required to be indoor pets only?

    This was covered on your local news, Channel 6.
    MARK HOLMBERG: Henrico woman issued citation for backyard chickens

    Posted on: 10:09 pm, April 12, 2012, by Mark Holmberg and Alix Bryan, updated on: 11:07am, April 13, 2012


    I find this to be BAD Publicity for anyone wanting to live, and/or relocate to Henrico!
  9. mduric

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    Jun 20, 2012
    Thank you very much for all the useful information. I have emailed last night Henrico County Board of Directors and presented my case. I stated many arguments, very similar to what you have written here about why I should be allowed to keep the chickens. I also asked to meet with them in person and present my case. So far I haven't received response.

    Do you know what happens if you ignore citation? How willing are they to push this as an issue and would they come and take the chickens eventually? Judging by the things I found on the web, many people have had similar problems in Henrico.

  10. egghead@1265

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    Oct 24, 2011
    I saw that folks in Henrico have had issues with this, and honestly cannot answer whether or not they would come and TAKE[​IMG] the [​IMG]chickens!
    Oh, I cannot even imagine that! However, I really don't know, as I am in Wisconsin and fighting the good fight myself/with assistance of family and friends...!!! But, CRAZY,!

    Again, if this is the worst offense in Henrico, I think they have too much law [​IMG] enforcement and/or government officials with not enough to do![​IMG]

    In our township, one of the board members made the comment "I don't want our town leaders to become the CHICKEN POLICE!" I felt that was a GREAT Thing to HEAR, and is why I am not as worried, as perhaps I should be!?!

    We are rooting for YOU[​IMG] and all of the Chicken Lovers in Henrico to be able to keep these wonderful Chickens!

    Our Fingers and toes are crossed! [​IMG] Our hens have their toes crossed as well! [​IMG]

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