Hens are Not laying...still

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    We have some 30 chickens of which three are roosters. One half is kept in a pen and their roosts are in a converted school bus. They are fed a tight diet which my feed supplier uses himself and has maximized egg production. The other half are free range and roam all over our 11 acre property and allowed to eat anything they come in contact with--and are still given the same feed once a day. All birds have ample access to water, safe environment, and are non-stressed. These chickens were purchased in April this year. Before I send them to the processor and turn them into stewing chickens, does anyone have any ideas??? There is nothing in their diet or lifestyle that explains this. They all run around and peck and cluck. Their feathers are fine, with no signs of any illnesses. Bedding for the ones in the bus is clean, dry straw; roosts are fluffy wood shaving. All birds are actively walking, running, and carrying on. Roosters are not being dominate, just protective. And, fyi, the ones in the pen have a pen that measures some 32 x 60 feet to space is not an issue.

    Let me know what ideas you have! I've read virtually all the posts on the subject on this site and others, and none can explain this odd non-egg laying behavior.
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    How old are they?

    Mine stopped a couple of weeks ago and are in molt, which I expected. They are mixed ages but all over 1.5 years. I expect I will not see eggs for a couple of months at least, then a few through the winter, then more in the spring. Chickens generally go into a full molt around 1.5 years old, or so, though it varies, and this time of year in the US is typical molting time. When they start again, as a general rule, they will lay fewer but larger eggs. Some don't lay many after the 1.5 year molt but others are pretty productive. In the spring and summer I got 6 eggs most days form my 9 older hens.

    All about why they stop laying:


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