Hens are not roosting?!

Hens in Merrimack

8 Years
Mar 8, 2011
Hi Everyone,
I hope this is the right place to ask...

I have 4 year old hens that came from a friends. This is their first day here.

They are not going up on roost? They are huddled together on the floor of the coop?

Should I be concerned? Should I do anything?

Thanks for any advice!!!
Okay I can try. There are no other chickens.
The coop they were in was HUGE, mine is much more appropriate for the number. Maybe they feel cramped?
RThey probably are just getting used to their new home. They are probably feeling off their schedule. I'm sure they will get back to roosting up in no time. If not I would put some up or all to show them.
Good idea
night #2....

That worked for 1!! I put her on the pole and she has stayed there. I tried to put another one up and then the first one jumped down, then that one. I went back to the first one figureing the others would follow by example, not the case.
2 are sleeping in the nesting boxes and 1 is just on the floor of the coop...

Time will tell.
I did get my first 3 eggs today!!!! Pretty excited, the neighbors probably thought I was hurt from all the yelling!!!
We got a couple of hens that had not been used to roosting on a perch and we spent weeks lifting them up on to the perch at night. They would stay, but they never figured out how to get up there without help and would sleep in the nestbox if left alone,. We put in a ladder up to the perch and now they get up there every night on their own!
Some of my chickens still have to be "put to bed". Others figured it out just fine. And some, can't figure out how to get down, once they get up. LOL. Fortunately, most are smarter, and only a few are not. Play it by ear.

Congrats on the eggs!!
Thanks! It is nice to know I'm not alone!
My coop is pretty small and I only have 4 birds, but trying to keep them calm with my fat butt in the coop with them and tring to grab them all at the same time!!!!!!

I should sell tickets to this show!!!

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