hens behaving badley


7 Years
Feb 5, 2012
Shropshire, England. UK
Mooved my hens to a larger coop as too many an not enough perch space in there old one which was causing fights to get a perch. Now they are in the larger coop with about enough space for another 4 hens, an now NONE of them perch now they all sleep in the nestboxes, which inturn makes shity nestboxes an so dirty eggs. How can i get them to perch? Why have they decided to sleep in there nest boxes? They have now been in there larger coop for 2 weeks now.
Are the roosts higher than the nest boxes? If not raise them or lower the nest boxes. Chickens generally roost at the highest point possible. Also for a while block the nest boxes in the evening.
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Yeh the nestboxes are heigher than the perches. Its the way its constructed by the company that i bought it off i wounder if that is why it was reduced in price. As soon as i read you comments its logical. Oh well a bit of diy this weekend i feel is on the cards. Thank you.

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