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Jul 23, 2012
A while ago i got my golden laced wyandottes. i ordered all hens and with my luck i ended up with two roosters, luckily my friend took some wich left me with what i thought was five hens, turns out ones a rooster. i have to get rid of him because 1. i dont want fertilized eggs and 2. my hens are being aggresive twords him. i was wondering what would cause a hen to show aggresion twords him? He had a wound on his neck from being pecked at. I don't want to get rid of him that much because he is a very nice rooster, hes friendly and very pretty. but it is almost inevitable that i will have to get rid of him. i would like him to go to a good home and preferably not be used as a meat bird, if you know any website or something that i would be able to post an ad on (for free) please let me know. or if someone you know is looking for a rooster and would like him let me know. :) (im located in the eastern michigan area)

Your birds are at that age where they are trying to establish their pecking order, and unfortunately your little fella is getting bullied by the aspiring head hens in their efforts to establish their dominance. If it's to the point that they are drawing blood, you need to separate him from the others so they don't keep pecking at his wounds and making them worse--or worse, getting a taste for chicken and turning to cannibalism. As he gets older, they will be more accepting of him since he is the only rooster and has no competition, but since you're getting rid of him anyway it's kind of a moot point.

Aside from the buy-sell-trade forum on here, I don't know of anyplace to advertise a rooster that needs to be rehomed.
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I put my roosters on craigslist and they were picked up that evening. Some were kept as breeding stock, the others were butchered. If you want him rehomed, don't worry about "what will happen to him" it may drive you crazy. Just put him up and don't ask questions.
other people i have talked to said craigslist was good. i think i will give that a try.
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