Hens continue to lay eggs from roost; what can we do??

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by jason736, Jul 24, 2010.

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    My girlfriend and I have 26 red stars that will be 18 weeks old monday. They started laying two weeks ago and we are getting 10 to 14 eggs a day, which is great. The problem is that we have two to three additional eggs daily that are being laid from their roosts. Most of these eggs have had soft shells like turtle eggs. We have nine large nest boxes that they are using; only a couple eggs laid on the floor. They are on layer pellets and have had free choice oyster shells. Healthy and happy. I have read through most of the past posts on this topic and sounds like this is normal for the first couple weeks. I put a 15 watt low glow red light in the coop hoping this would help them see to the nest boxes at night, no change. Is there anything else we can try??
    On a side note, this site is great! This is our first time raising chickens and everyone here has been soo helpful. THANK YOU [​IMG][​IMG]_jason_23_247.jpg[/img]
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    HellO :)
    |What you can do is add golf-balls to the nest for a couple weeks. This way the chickens will learn this is where they need to lay eggs! The soft eggs will stop soon, once the chickens get squared away with that they should also begin laying in the right spot ! Goodluck ! [​IMG]

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