Hen's Face turning black, around Beak, Wattles, and part of Comb [pic]

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    Nov 10, 2012
    We first noticed it yesterday, and it is even blacker today.
    It looks like perhaps she has a crack in her beak - would that cause the symptoms you see?
    We're extra worried because she has been having problems for a while.
    We're new to chickens - and her unwittingly with a sour crop for a long time.
    Finally we figured out what was up, and that she hasn't been laying this whole time, and brought her inside to try and treat her with a diet of yoghurt, apple cider vinegar, and scrambled eggs. We also tried to get as much of the liquid out of her crop by massaging it until she regurgitated some of the liquid. we did this periodically.
    The crop went down - leaving in its place a compacted crop.
    We've been massaging this and trying to get her to eat as much olive oil as possible.
    We've also been letting her hang out back in the run with our other 5 hens during the day again. They have been pretty vicious to her, running and attacking her on occasion. This is where we think her cracked beak may have come from.
    We're also worried about the possibility of respiratory infection, she's been sleeping in a cardboard box in our living room at night which may not have had enough ventilation.
    And we're worried it may be malnutrition, since she hasn't been eating much during the time we've been trying to treat her crop.
    These are some of the possibilities we've thought of - but we don't know what to do about it!
    Thoughts and experience?
    Thanks so much
    (her name is Pseudo) [​IMG]


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