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  1. megnterry

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    Sep 13, 2008
    Clinton, Washington
    I have a mixed flock of heritage chickens and a couple of americaunas. Today while doing my chicken chores I observed two salmon favorelle pullets, they are almost 8 months old, getting into it. A speckled sussex roo that is 5 months old decided he would break it up. One of the hens left, the other faced off the rooster. Lots of posturing going on and the rooster finally backed down. Generally my favorelles are the gentlest chickens I have, they tend to get picked on, I was glad to see her stand up for herself, but I'm just wondering if I need to be concerned. I have 35 chickens generally they seem to get along fine, with just little squabbles. The rooster might be picking on the girls more than they like and I'm still considering a chicken dinner.

    Meg in washington state with 4 dachshunds, 5 welsummers, 2 marans, 5 salmon favorelles, 5 buckeyes, 5 speckled sussex, 4 chanteclers, 3 americaunas, 2 silver lakenvelders, 2 jersey giants, 2 barred hollands
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    Sounds like typical female rivalry to me. Keep an eye on them, but mine have squabbles too. And none have ever been hurt, just ruffled.
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    My motto - if they aren't drawing blood let them work it out.
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    I had two hens that wouldn't stop fighting.I thought they would work it out but they started to draw blood so I had to separate them.They never got along again ,even after I separated them for a while .So I gave them away to different owners.
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    Mar 17, 2007
    Keep an eye out for blood or any other injuries - if there is blood, separate. Also make sure that they are all getting access to food and water, you might have to add more bowls in case the chickens at the bottom of the pecking order aren't being allowed near the containers...

    Hope it all works out [​IMG]

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