hens foot is swollen and black!? help!!


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7 Years
Oct 31, 2012
i noticed it a couple of days ago but she may have had it for a while. she also has a small, barely noticeable limp. as i held her like in the pictures, i also noticed she kept the hurt leg outstretched, this may have been just from the way i was holding her? thanks for your thoughts!

I am not a vet, just an amateur. Look for any sign of bumblefoot at the bottom of the foot pad. Her leg doesn't appear to have frostbite, but it is possible. The other thing I would wonder about is Mareks disease, only because of this picture I came across of lymphomas (tumors) in this leg. This is by no means saying that is what she has, but just something to explore. Did she have a Mareks vaccine? There looks to be a little scaly leg mite also, which vaseline applied to the scales once a week should help.

Mareks disease, courtesy of Cornell
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