Hen's head throbbing, not well sinus? Need advice

Attila the Hen

11 Years
Nov 6, 2010
Blue Ridge GA
My Buff Orpington hen is not well. She is 3 years old and yesterday I found her looking confused and trying to hide.I felt her crop and it seemed empty.
I have placed her inside and she is only eating a little bit of yoghurt offered on my finger and water from a dropper. She seems to be making sucking, throbbing sounds that dont seem to be coming from her chest so I don't think it is respiratory. No drainage, deep red comb. Very poopy bottom no egg laid today. The throbbing is in the area between her eye and beak.
Any ideas or suggestions? I would appreciate it.
thank you
Apparently, I didn't give enough information to get a response to this. However, I thought I would give an update and share what I think I've learned.
The hen survived and is still doing well. I believe she couldn't smell and so wouldn't eat. Keeping her isolated wasn't a good idea for more than the initial 24 hours because it was only when she saw the others eat that she trusted what was edible.
I did give her antibiotics for about 5 days. They were administered by a water dropper. She would only eat yoghurt for awhile and so I had to wait for 2 hours after the antibiotic to give it to her. I think the antibiotic addressed an upper respiratory ailment of some sort.
I have been interested in natural means of keeping chickens but decided that I wouldn't withhold antibiotics from myself if I needed them and so wouldn't withhold them from my chicken.
Hope this helps someone else.

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