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    Jun 24, 2008
    Just got three nearly grown hens yesterday. I put them straight in the coop so they would know where to roost. My coop is 2' x 4' and half of it under the roost I am attempting the deep litter method. My problem is the hens didn't roost on the pole that I mounted for them to roost on, they are bedding in the litter below the roost. The pole is about an 1.25" in diameter. Will this change or is there anything I can do to change this behavior. Any suggestions welcome!
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    Jul 17, 2007
    They might take a little while to pick it up if they haven't seen roosts before.
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    First, it is possible they have never learned to roost and may need to be indoctrinated by your going out at (or just after) sunset and picking 'em up and putting 'em onto the roost. A few days of that should clue them in [​IMG]

    Also, they might be more comfortable with a wider roost bar; try giving them a 2x4, either way up (wide side up is best if you're in a cold climate) or a larger-diameter barkless treebranch.

    BTW 'deep litter' is not really going to work very well in a 2x4' coop -- the only possible benefit it could provide in that small a space is for you to clean the coop less often but in such a small space unless you are EXTREMELY well ventilated you will have to clean it sooner rather than later for odor/fly/ammonia/dampness reasons anyhow. It is thriftier to just use a thin layer of shavings - you won't be cleaning it out materially more often than if you used more.

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