Hens killing rooster


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Oct 1, 2017
Amelia Courthouse Va.
Our rooster and hens were attacked by hunting dogs over a month ago. Most of the hens were killed but our Brahma Rooster fought a big fight for his hens and was in bad shape but comming back. We got new hens, and life seemed to be good. Our little Bantam was running around and our Brahma was on the mend. It snowed the other day so I left them in. Yesterday I went to let them out and the hens had attacked his back where he had been damaged before Its horrible. They pulled his new feathers and skin off. I have him seperated in a cage in another part of the hen house hoping he will make it. Why would they do this? I know he wasnt doing his duties but he had started. They had killed a smaill hen earlier in the week. I know it is the younger hens doing this, because at night the old hens are with the Brahma on the roosting pole. I dont know what to do with them. Any advice would be great!
I have seen good friends pick at their buddy's wounds. But yours seem to be particularly vicious if they killed a small hen.
One thing is to put Blu-Kote on the wound, it is an antiseptic that also disguises the color. How many mean hens do you have?
If you don't want to get rid of them or can't keep them separate, there's a product called Pinless Peepers --a small plastic device that you snap onto a bully's nostrils that block her view to the front and will help a lot.

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