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I have two of my fourteen hens laying there eggs from the roost sometime before 4:30am. If the egg happens to land on a load of poop on the poop board it won't break, but if it misses any poop it will break. I've never had hens do this. What can I do to correct this?? All my other hens seem to know where to do there business.

Thanks Tony
Wow, that is interesting. mine have never done this. I will occasionally find and en egg beneath their roost but it's probably because someone was in their favorite lay box.
I think that happens when something frightens them, I had that happen when it got really cold outside and I shoved the turkeys in and they didn't want to be there (they like to sleep in the trees), the next day 3 of may girls laid from the roost.
I really appreciate your responses. Now I need a fix as to what to do. We all lose an egg from time to time because of one thing or another, but them laying eggs from the roost every night is becoming bothersome.

If I put a nite lite in ther coop, would that help? Or would that just keep the othes awake??

one thing to be careful about is newcastle desiese

one sign is soft eggs being layed from the roost at night

the illness makes the eggs shells soft so the hen cant hold in the egg and they drop out from the roost

also look at the poop if its green and watery its newcastle
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