Hens leg bleeding from pulling out feet feathers, what should I do

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    Jul 14, 2012
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    My little hen is molting really bad right now, she has lost a lot of her winter down type feathers I think. One thing I saw was the feathers on her feet came off as well but there was blood every where where the fether was. I don't know if she's picking at the new ones coming in or pulling old ones out, but it's bad. Her legs and feet were covered red with dirt stuck. I took her and cleaned her off and found some really bad hole like things where the feathers are. I sprayed the wounds with a spray, it's called vet something, I will look at the bottle later. I took small strips of vet tape and wraped the really bad spots. I wasn't sure if I was to do that or was I just soupost to leave it alone. Can someone tell me what I should do, I'm worried it will get infected.
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    Jan 17, 2013
    try getting some rooster booster Peck No More. put it on the area and it will stop her from peking and pullimg on the area. also it will coat the wound.it has tea tree oil in it which is also a natural anticeptic. its around 6 dollars a bottle and works wonderful!

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