Hens losing feathers on back

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    Jan 28, 2013
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    [​IMG] I've noticed the last few weeks my girls are losing more and more feathers on their backs.. I have 13 hens and one rooster and the are 8 months old. Some look just fine but it's mainly the Easter eggers that have it bad. Is this just from a "randy" young rooster or should I be concerned? I'm in ND were it's very cold. My coop doesn't have the greatest ventilation but the air is not moist, and there's a heat lamp for warmth. Poops are good. I just want to make sure they're okay because this girl has a bare back now and I'm praying the others don't start to peck her
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    These must be your roosters favorite ladies. You can find a chicken apron or saddle cover for them, its like a pot holder that covers their back when the roosters overly mate them. it will help protect her back and the feathers can grow back.
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    Could definitely be from the rooster, especially a young one like you have can be too rough at times. However, also check for mites as they are common during the cold weather and can also cause feather loss.

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