Hens missing toenails & looking sad :-(


Apr 27, 2020
Interior Alaska
Hi all! I’m looking for some advice as a newish chicken tender. I have two hens who have recently lost several of their toenails… They are EEs about a year and a half old. One of them lost hers a while ago and her behavior didn’t change a lot- except for the fact that she holds that foot up often, and the nails don’t seem to be growing back. The most recent hen with this issue starting showing signs today of slowing down a bit/fluffing up her feathers and I noticed she was missing nails and had one loose one. I couldn’t find anything online particularly helpful as to whether this is normal or not? We have been battling poultry lice (with de) for quite a while, and one of these hens is molting as well- We haven’t really changed anything about their environment recently… so I’m just wondering if there is anything we can do 😁 Pics attached. Pics: Missing nail, loose nail, “not my usual and cheerful self”

Thank you for your advice!


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