Hen's neck is bleeding because of roosters

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    I know that hen saddles are to protect a hen's back when a rooster is mating with her, but is there anything for their necks. My Rhode Island Red hen, Rhonda, is bleeding pretty bad and is missing some feathers on her neck. She is obviously experiencing some discomfort so I separated her from the rest of the flock along with my Silkie hen to keep her company.[​IMG][​IMG]Rhonda is giving my Silkie a hug
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    "Hen's neck is bleeding because of roosters." How many roosters? Multiple roosters gang breeding hens can be a plague to a flock causing high stress levels and injuries.
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    Separate your hen from your Roos.
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    Gently flush the wound with betadine and apply some vetericyn or plain neosporin to the wound. Keep an eye out for any signs of infection such as pus, oozing, odors, etc.
    Also if you do have a saddle on her, check under the saddle and under each wing for any sign of cuts, injuries and treat those as well. You may want to inspect your other hens as well for any sign of broken/damaged skin and injuries as well.
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