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  1. genevieve

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    May 19, 2011
    I purchased an Orpington rooster and 3 Orpington hens at auction a month ago. Since then we have only had a few eggs, and some went missing that I was waiting to see if were going to be set on. The temps here have been high and it has been humid. I did crack three of the ones that they laid and they appeared to be fertile. I really want to have some chicks!

    Do you think the temps are effecting them or did I get a dud set of chickens?
  2. peterlund

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    Jan 29, 2010
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    Not knowing their age, and even if the previous owner said they were 1 year olds I would be suspect....soooo.. It is probably just the stress of new residence... Give the ladies a few days and make sure they feel safe and secure and the eggs will come..... UNLESS the previous owner fibbed and they are 4 year olds... Then expect an egg every week or so! (maybe)
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    Getting comfy in their new surroundings, great nutrition, lots of TLC and less oppressive weather conditions and my guess is that you'll see more eggs.
  4. ChicKat

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    The heat probably has a lot to do with it, providing the age, health and nutrition of the chickens is as you think that they are. Hold on for cooler weather.
    good luck.

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