hens not laying in nest boxes

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  1. oe bantams

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    Feb 19, 2009
    blue ridge mtns. of wnc
    my hens just started laying but their laying on the floor how do i get them to lay in their nest boxes their about 4 feet off the ground?
  2. newchicksnducks

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    Of my mixed age flock of 15, my first layer started laying on the coop floor. I tried putting a cardboard box in her favorite area, she just changed floor locations:p. She was the lone layer for over a month. When the next group started to lay, they layed from day one in the nest boxes:clap My original layer continued to lay on the floor for another day, then she was up in the boxes too. I've not had any move laying on the floor. Hopefully one of your new layers will discover the nest box, and it will be a case of monkey see, monkey do. It's been said to try to have golf balls or weight filled Easter eggs in the nest boxes so the chickens will think, "hmmm, someone else used this box for their eggs, seems like a good idea". But this is what my girls did the first day they checked out the boxes (although they had been installed for almost 6 weeks prior to this!) and layed their first eggs inside the same day after investigating them.


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