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    Until recently my hens had been laying 8-9 eggs a day. I have 12 hens, 4 of them are four years old, the other eight are 2 years old. This past week they dropped to 3 eggs, then 2, now I'm down to only 1 egg a day. I live in the south, so it is very hot right now, temps around 90-100, and very humid. Is it just from the heat? Or could something be stealing them. I've had trouble with squirrels, and snakes stealing eggs before, but I haven't seen any signs of an egg thief. Their going through about 5 gallons of water a day, is that too much for 12 hens and a rooster, could that be a problem? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
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    Heat or even any change in weather will cause a halt or slow down in laying. Many hens slow down during the heat of summer and will pick back up when the weather gets cooler. Try to keep them in the shade and hydrated, chickens suffer in the heat.
  3. Water is not the problem.
    Stress will stop or drop egg production.
    Have you had anything change with them? A spook from something?
    Once they settle it will be back too business laying eggs.

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