Hens not laying


10 Years
Jun 9, 2009
North Carolina
I have 4 Brown Leghorn hens They are about 21 weeks and I have not seen the first egg yet, We used to raise chickens but sold them when we moved to NC. 15 years later we decided to start again
i started with hens last year - 2 hens

one layed within 8 weeks the other took 6 months to lay-e1 was telling me to return her/send her for soup

of course i couldnt do that!

be patient they are young
They lay when they are good and ready! That has been my experience! Welcome to BYC, my father-in-law is a Pastor Bruce too!!

Glad to have you here!
24 weeks is about when could start to wonder. They are within the time frame, but just have to wait. Just start pulling out recipes for those yummy eggs!!
ARe you feeding layer feed and oyster shells? Do they have nesting boxes? If they free range they may be putting eggs in secret spots. Might not hurt to go on a hunt, follow them and see where they are sitting, hanging out

Good Luck
I was having the same problem with my pullets. Well once my husband got rid of the seven foot long black snake we started getting 6 eggs a day from 6 hens!!!LOL That snake was fatttttt!!!
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They will lay when they are ready. A couple of my birds were nearly 30 weeeks when they layed their first egg. Usually it's between 20 and 24 weeks.
can you buy oyster shell at the same place you buy the feed? one of my hen's shells is getting thin-the eggs are bigger and the shell is thinner

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