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    I recently aquired 4 "laying hens", (2 barred rock, 2 RIR's) I've had them for a week now, they came from, what I would consider an overcrowded enviroment. They were timid the first 3 days or so and would not leave the coop, its now been a week and nothing, they are fairly large birds, I do believe they are mature and should be laying, any suggestions?
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    Any sort of change, even good change, causes stress for chickens. After a move it is normal for them to take some time off from laying. Don't worry. Give them some time.

    Also, chickens need a certain number of hours of light to lay. Most hens will take the winter off and not lay again until spring unless they are given some supplemental light on a timer to simulate a longer day.

    I just let mine have the winter's rest, but I don't rely on eggs for income or anything either...
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