Hens not using nesting boxes!


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Dec 17, 2015
Southeast Texas
I have two hens that have started laying. They are 17 weeks. I have prepared nest boxes for the 14 hens that I have. I have put fake eggs in each of the nests and nice shavings for them. They have not used the nests at all. They are laying the eggs on top of the feed bin. I don't what else to do to entice them and the others to start using the nice nests that are there for them.
It can take them some time to figure out where to put those eggs. It's very normal for new layers to drop eggs randomly. The urge to lay can take them by surprise. Remember, it's all very new to them. They don't instinctively know that the nest box is where to put those eggs. It can take a few months for them to figure things out.
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