Hens??? Or one of each???

Tara Black

6 Years
Jul 9, 2013
Dover DE
So yet again not the best pic and I had to corner them because I bought them as a pair of hens at an auction last week and they are still scared to death. They are almost full size LB and probably close to 7 months old. The sellers loss was my gain because he didn't know LB take so long to mature and lay. They both looked the same when I bought them, but now one is getting more comb and wattle and its much redder in only a week. Neither of th crow either so I was sure they were both hens, but I have no real life comparison for adult LB and have found a few pics and videos of very older LB so I just want to check. Sorry for the kinda fuzzy crowded pic, but they don't want to be near me and its dark out which is the only way I could get it, right before I let them in the coop.

Yeah he is one of my 2 BLRW Roos that I need to find homes for. They are so sweet I hate to do it, but I can't have Roos and the only other BLRW I have are from the same flock anyway. Thanks for the help, I was hoping the LB were both hens :)

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