Hens or Roos? SLW and Light Brahma 5 wks Help?(Lots of Pics)


11 Years
Mar 28, 2008
We are thinking these are hens? I am a little confused though because the SLW is supposed to have a flat comb right? Mine does not. They are all 5 weeks old.
The LB is starting to get a little bit of pink in her comb, does that mean anything? Eventually do they all turn red?
This is quite a crazy journey with this gender thing. One day we think we're sure its a hen and the next were terrified it may be roo. We have a backyard/urban flock and so we can't keep the roos, but we are sooo attached already.
We also have a crazty BR that i the same age as these guys, but half the size. She? does have a lot of black on the legs and not very defined barring? She has a comb but its not growing huge yet and its not red. I'll post a picture if I can get one.
We totally appreciate any and all help!!!







Hi rubysmom,
I also have a SLW with a single comb she is a pullet ,it does happen to some SLW.
If the comb starts to turn quite red it might be a roo,but yours still looks pink.

Good luck with your chics,
I'm far from expert here but comparing with my own and past experience........Our first batch of chicks (year ago) thought for sure we had a roo out of 12. It was a RIR, just one growin faster than all the others.....huge!!! Towered the other chicks and had early development of waddles (very red) and the comb was double the size of the others at the same age......
Well it turned out SHE THINKS SHE's a ROO......that is until a roo came along....

So I don't get to fixed on the comb/waddle thing to much. I've heard it said the roo's are the more spunky ones in the brooder....but I have and have had some out of control girls. I myself will bank my decision on the crow.....

Sorry not much help to ya.....
If I had to guess tho........ I'd say the Lt. Brahams and all the pics all look like girls to me.
Good luck with determining the genders.
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They all look like girls to me, my Light Brahma rooster took forevevr to feather out and had a red comb and wattles will before 5 weeks.
We have 4 light brahmas, 3 that look EXACTLY like yours and they are 5-6 weeks also. One that has a much smaller, still orange comb. So we have really been sweating it. I am going to cry my eyes out if they are roos. But as the days go by, their combs are not getting bigger or redder, so I am clinging to that LOL!! We'll have to keep posting as they get older and see if ours turn out the same!!
Oh we can totally relate! Our LB, Eudora is her name, is my favorite. She just has seemed so girly from the very beginning. Maybe just because she's so pretty to me I never considered she might be a roo. I'll be needing some kleenex too. Her comb really hasn't changed much though so I keep hoping!! We only have 5 chicks so if we have to give one away it'lll be sooo sad....
thanks for the support

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