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    Nov 4, 2008
    I am a new BYC guy and know someone here will have the info I need. I recently bought 2 more white leghorns to add to my 3 I already had. One of the 2 that I bought most recently has some missing feathers I guess that were from where the Rooster had ben trying to get to her. (thats what the fellow told me that I bought her from) Anyway, I thought nothing of it and added her to my pen. Now 2 of the other birds wont quit pecking at her. she sits on the roost all day it seems. Whats with this and what can I do?

    Also, I have 5 hens and am only getting 2 eggs a day. My running pen is 18 feet long 6 feet wide and I have a coop on the end that is 4 foot wide by 5 foot long with 3 nesting boxes. Am I over crowded with just 5 chickens? I wouldnt think so but then again Im new so wanted some advice? By the way this place is awesome!!
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    I don't think your chickens are too crowded, but it could be that they are just attracted by the exposed skin. Coat it with BluKote or anti-pick lotion or else you could have a major cannibalism problem on your hands!

    Chickens literally have a pecking order and will single out the "social outcast", which seems to be the case with your little leghorn. Give her and her buddies protein, because sometimes they will eat feathers to get protein. If the picking gets so bad that blood is drawn, GET THAT HEN OUT OF THERE!!! They will literally pick her to death.

    Best of Luck! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] beakkeeper is verry correct! You had better keep an eye on your girls.
    The pecking order is a normal way of determining who is top ranked and so on in the flock and this behavior is to be expected but it can escelate to serious problems at times. Just keep an eye on them and if it seems like the hen is getting overly banged around, get her out before the damage is too severe.
    Rooster Booster makes a product called Pick-No-More Lotion. You might try that [​IMG]

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