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    Dec 18, 2016
    Does anyone have trouble with hens picking at each other's feathers? We have been having that going on lately so we've been putting no peck on them hoping it'll stop it. We have been told that it's common during the winter seasons as they are stuck together for so long. Now that it's getting nicer we've been letting them outside all day but it's affecting their egg production. Yesterday we got 12 eggs and today we got 7.. any ideas on how to stop the picking?
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    Causes for picking in poultry are-

    Too hot
    Too crowded
    Short of fresh air
    Lack of protein in the feed or the Coop is too brightly lit.....

    Look over your management of the flock and adjust where needed......

    Certain breeds need higher protein.....16% is not high enough for certain breeds...18% might be needed.....

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    CTKen has offered a good link.

    Wonders if you are free ranging?
    They might be laying out in the range area.

    Crowding and diet are the first things to consider.
    How many birds(and ages and genders) in how big a space(in feet by feet).
    What and how exactly are you feeding?
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    Genetics also play a role, and make sure there aren't any lice or mites. I no longer have production reds of any sort in my flock, including hatchery RIRs. Mary

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