Hens sleeping in nesting box and no eggs.


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Jul 24, 2018
When we moved our hens into the coop we boarded off the nesting boxes until we thought they may be ready to lay. Once we opened up the nesting boxes we found that they sleep in them at night and I have to clean out their poop every day. They were born in early April and we still haven't seen any eggs. Should we close off the boxes again for a time so they know that area is just for laying?
You need to figure out why they prefer to roost in the nest boxes rather than on the roosts that are intended for that purpose. Because if they prefer the nest boxes now, they will keep on preferring them, even after they start laying, which means lots of mess to clean up and dirty eggs.

So, check to see if the roost is wobbly for starters. If it is, fix that problem and make the roost as sturdy as possible. If that is not the problem, check to see if a draft may be hitting the roosts. If that is not it, maybe relocate the roosts to somewhere else in the coop. Which is higher, the roosts or the nest boxes? It may just be a matter of adjusting the height of the roosts.
Most 7 month old pullets are laying, however, some breeds take longer. Also, I don’t know where you live (it really is helpful to put that in your information), but a lot of times a pullet that is late into the winter season before they begin laying will wait until spring.

But back to your nesting box problem. Just in case your girls might still begin laying, I would keep them open during the day; however, before they go to roost you need to block the nest boxes so the girls cannot nest down in them for the night. Just remember to unblock them early the next morning. Some of my spring pullets have even laid their egg before their pop door opens. :eek:They are working hard! My BCM is a very late in the day layer and has been caught by darkness twice and couldn’t get onto the roost. I just moved her out of the nest box onto the roost.

I hope this helps.

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