Hens sleeping in nesting boxes!!

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    I have a few questions?? I have had chickens for years....all of the sudden I have two hens that are not broody wanting to sleep in my nest boxes at night! They were hatched by a Mamma and she taught them to roost in my hen house when they were little. For the last month or more I have to go down every night and kick them out!!!!!!!!!! There is lots of room for them to roost. I even covered the boxes at night to give them no choice but to roost, but if I do not cover they go back to the boxes[​IMG] . These hens are at least 6 or seven months old. Why did they roost the switch to going into my nest boxes. I am ready to make soup out of them, I have a automatic door so I do not need to go down every night. But I do have to go down because I HATE dirty nest boxes. If anyone have any ideas please let me know. I even take them out and put on the roost by hand trying to re-train them. Nothing is working soup is looking better every night.

    Thank you
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    My 5 -6 month old pullets are doing the same thing. One reason I think they do it is due to the cold. On the nights they roost it seems to be warmer out. I also think they are hiding from the rooster. He can't get them when they are in the next box. They feel safe there. Do you have a rooster or other aggressive bird that could be bothering them?

    I started putting plastic in the next boxes before they go to bed at night. It keeps them out of the next boxes most of the time...but I have to remember to take the plastic out in the morning. Would love to get some better ideas from other people.
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    Sep 27, 2014
    Annoys me,they always poop in theirs!
    It may be more comfortable....
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    I do not have a rooster, but I do have some very bossy hens! I hate having to go down first thing in the morning to uncover the boxes. That was the whole reason I bought the automatic door. I just want them to stop. There is plenty of roosts they do not have to sit by me bossy hens[​IMG]
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    I went thru the same thing. Drove me nuts. I just kept taking them out of the nest boxes and putting them on the roost. I did this for about a week around eleven pm every night. Eventually two of the three new additions got it within the next week they all were roosting together. Good luck.
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    I'd do a thorough check for mites. It is not uncommon for chickens to seek an alternative place to sleep if they are being attacked in the night by red mites.

    At night time, take a damp white paper towel and run it under all the roosts and in all the nooks and crannies of the coop. If red mites are present they will show up like smeared blood on the paper towel.

    Obviously, if mites are detected, you will then need to treat the coop, the nest boxes and the chickens.

    In the absence of any infestations, I would pick up each bird individually at night and place them on the roosts. It may take a couple of weeks but they will eventually join the dots and understand that the roost is the appropriate place to sleep.

    Best wishes,

    - Krista

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