Hens sleeping in pods at 3 months. Is this normal?


Mar 30, 2016
Upstate NY
My 12 hens are 3 months old today. Wondering if anyone on this forum have hens that sleep in pods (& sometimes on top of each other)? I find them sleeping in groups / pods just like they did when they were baby chicks. I thought they would grow out of it but not so far. Is this normal? Here is a picture taken tonight after they tucked themselves in for the night (notice the groups in far left and far right of the roosting bars).

Thanks in advance for your feedback!
It's very normal.

My main coop is a converted greenhouse. It has a slatted shelf running all around the inside. Some of my birds roost in the rafters, but the majority sleep on the shelf, all bundled together and wedged under each other. They do seem to outgrow it, the mature hens use the branches for roosts and the younger birds use the shelves. It's like a big puppy pile!
Thank you both for the feedback. I feel better now! I'm learning as I go in this new world of being a chicken- momma

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