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    I have a small flock of varied breeds of chickens. I have 3 Buff Orpington hens and one rooster, 1 Rhode Island Red hen, 2 Americauna hens, all 5 months of age. I also have 1 Buff Brahma, 1 Barred Rock, 1 cucka Maran and 1 black Jersey Giant, all pullets of 4 months.

    One of my Buffs, Rose, started laying at the beginning of the month. Another just started last week, and the RIR started last week. Rose has been laying one egg a day since the second week. Is this unusual? I'm pleased as punch, but I thought they only laid an egg every other day. Also, when do the Americaunas begin to lay? I'm anxious to see what color their eggs are. So far my hens have laid pinkish brown eggs. Actually, they are more flesh toned. Is this normal?

    This is all still new to me, but I've enjoyed every minute of raising these birds! I also have 2 broad-breasted bronze turkeys that are 4 months old. One of them thinks I'm it's mommy and follows me everywhere. Don't know If I'll be able to eat that one! the other one, the bigger one, is far more aloof and tends to bite me. I tell it that I will get the last bite. How long do broad breasted bronze live, if you don't eat them? I've read you can't really keep them as pets. Is this true? I'm growing rather fond of Drumstick.
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    I had a few cornish cross and we kept them as pets.
    They aren't supposed to live long because they're bred for meat.

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