Hens stop laying in the nesting boxes


9 Years
Oct 9, 2010
We have had our hens for about 9 months and have been laying in their nesting boxes since day one. All of a sudden, they have stopped laying in the boxes and are laying in the corner of the hen house where they roost. Anyone ever had this problem or know why they are doing this? Thanks!
Seems a little young for going broody but sometimes when one hen is broody -the others will 'add' their eggs to the broody nest...

What do you have in the nest box? straw, hay, paper, shavings? You may want to try something differnet..

I would check for mites/lice on my hens. Go ahead, treat your nest box for pests and add fresh filler... Check the top for wasp/dirt-dobbers. Make sure you don't have a snake or rats that could be harrassing the girls.

Is your nest box near a door/feeder/waterer/window? Is it busy around it --compared to the floor nest? How about lighting? Is the nest box in the bright sunshine and the floor nest dark and quiet???
A hen can be broody any time after the first egg, but this is kind
of the wrong season for that. Block of access to the corner, and when you see any hen laying put her in the nest boxes. Don't stand by her but keep close to make sure she doesn't fly out.

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