Hens stopped laying eggs -- all of them at once


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Feb 12, 2008
Kent Island, MD
I have 4 hens - coming on 3 years old -they have been laying eggs steadily until about 6 weeks ago and have completely stopped - all of them. I did bring in a new hen but she is kept somewhere else. I have noticed - occassionally (not consistantly) watery poo here and there. two of my hens combs and wattles look paler than the rest. I have added diatematious earth to thier diets, dusted them and dusted thier coop. They free range 3 - 5 times a week. Thier coop has a 8' x 8' run. they have a light on at dusk and dawn as the days are now shorter. I did switch to an organic pellet but have switched them back to Layena and they have a flock block (nothing unusual about that though -they usually do).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Out of approx 16 hens, mine aren't laying much at all either here in michigan. some of them are just getting over an upper resp. infection but even the ones without symptoms aren't laying. (I got two yesterday, but had to throw them away because of the medication they are on for the uri.) A friend told me about 3 times a year or so that his will stop laying. Whether it is moulting or something else, i do not know. hopefully it is just a normal cycle or phase.
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