Hens that have gone to sitting/setting/whatever

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    Oct 8, 2010
    I have a laying hed that apparently has decided to start setting, feathers all puffed out, very hot on bottom, been on the nest for the last 5 days. How do I stop this or does it just run its course.. We have a exchequer rooster we keep penned up and 2 peking male ducks( the ducks have gotten to the chickens from time to time when we let them out), but I wouldn't have thought the ducks could have triggered this in chickens.. any answers tda... thanks .......
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    Werlcome to BYC! And this post is in the wrong section [​IMG] You could try the chicken behavior section.
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    Some hens will stop on their own, but most times you'll need to break her of it. I lock the hen in a dog crate in the coop with food and water. Three days usually does it.

    OR, you could just give her eggs to hatch??? I've had broody hens hatch ducks, turkeys, guineas, and chickens. [​IMG]
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    The ducks didn't bring this out in her, its just her hormones doing it. Some breeds do it more than others, some breeds dont do it at all. Its called brooding. You can either let it run its course and let her stop when she wants to or you can break her of it. If you want babies you can stick fertile eggs under her and let her hatch them or you can get day old chicks and stick them under her at night, if you choose this method be aware that not all hens will accept them.

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