Hens vs littles..do I leave them alone or intervene??


9 Years
Dec 30, 2010
Ocala, Florida
The chickens are now attempting to share their space. At first, the littles were in their hutch in their own run on the side and the hens had their yard/run on the front of the coop. They could see each other and seemed to communicate a little through the fence. This weekend we cut out a big pop door on the littles' side of the coop, so now they can all make use of the coop and both yards. The hens have decided it's fun to run the pullets and cockerels into the coop and intimidate them, eat their food, and bawk, chase and peck at will! The littles are actually almost as big as the hens, except my two boys who are both bantams, but they seem to hold their own for the most part. I haven't seen any MAJOR trauma from the girls, but I sure don't want it to get to that point. They have been free ranging together for almost 3 weeks, so I didn't expect so much crabbiness! Should I leave them alone or is that asking for trouble?? First timer, here!
Probably should of waited till your "littles" were older but every flock has a pecking order, literally. Sometimes it can get bad so pay attention and possibly isolate the weak till they get bigger or remove the troulbemakers, lol.
I should have included that they are almost 4 months old..I just still call them little or babies as compared to the hens. Everything I've read or have been told is to wait till they are fully feathered, which they are and close if not the same size as the hens, which they are. They seem to have had a good night and the ladies don't seem as bossy this morning, so we'll see how it goes, but I will certainly keep a close eye on them.

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