13 Years
Jan 15, 2007
Garden Valley, ca
A shirt tailed realitive (my daughter's sister-in-law) is looking for a couple of hens in the Reno, Nv. area. She wants them mainly for her daughter to watch from her wheel chair, as well as the eggs. The coop and run will be finished 6/3/2011, so anytime after that would be great. Being a single Mother with a child confinded to a wheel chair, she can't pay much. So if anyone in that area is thining their flock or has any chickens that aren't show birds, please let me know. I will forward you my daughter's phone number. My daughter will pick up the chickens only after the coop is up and secure. The last thing they want is to have this child watch an attack on her chickens. Were it not so far, I would give her some, but I don't like moving birds across state lines. thanks, john
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