hens who dont sound like hens...


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Mar 11, 2018
Just thought I'd share I have three girls three who are just over 1 year old I had raised them from one day old and spend a lot of time with them because I had just lost my mom and they needed one worked out mutually well so I thought I'd share how odd my chickens sound they don't make your typical chicken sounds all three of them were raised about 20 feet from where we park our car which is a 02 Saturn and whenever you lock the doors with remote and makes a beep sound my chickens make the exact same sound when they want me to hurry up with something I'm doing with them like feeding them or if they're getting impatient with each other I've never heard another chicken make that sound and neither has anybody else that's heard it. Also one of my three girls little mama Giggles exactly like I do, whenever she nab's a piece of food from another hen.

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