Hens wing torn clean off need help

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Feb 25, 2012
I wasn't home today and something got I'm my chicken run. It bit off one of my hens wings. She is walking around and eating. Upon closer inspection of the wound I saw that the bone is sticking out. I have her away from the flock and now I don't know what to do. There are no avian vets here she seems to be functioning ok pleae help!!
I wasn't home today and something got I'm my chicken run. It bit off one of my hens wings. She is walking around and eating. Upon closer inspection of the wound I saw that the bone is sticking out. I have her away from the flock and now I don't know what to do. There are no avian vets here she seems to be functioning ok pleae help!!

Clean and disinfect wound,apply an antibiotic ointment(nothing ending in "caine/cane" toxic to chickens. Give her baby aspirin(81mg) for pain and swelling,dose is 25mg per lb of body weight. Watch for infection,symptoms are redness,swelling,foul smell,hen becoming lethargic not eating/drinking(lethargic/not eating/drinking can also be caused from pain). Watch for maggots in wound,keep her inside and monitor her condition. Leave wound uncovered. Watch for symptoms of shock,i would give her electrolytes and vitamins.

You will have to make adjustments to her living environment to accommodate her. Lower roosts,etc. keep an eye on predators as she cannot fly to escape.
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Thank you so much! What should I do about the bone though?

How much of the bone is sticking out? If it is a small portion of bone,clean and treat with antibiotic ointment,skin should grow over and cover bone. Is she starts to show symptoms of infection,treat immediately with an antibiotic.
Update: I went to check on her and i found an egg in her kennel her poop is watery and she hasn't eaten.
Below is copied off of other forums that fit your your situation:
Wing bones are pneumatic. They have air in them as that's the design of birds. If the bird's wing is amputated, an avian vet will amputate in the middle of the bone, not usually between joints. The reasoning is that the joint will continue to product joint fluid for its life, filly the recess with fluid that must be drained. A cleanly cut bone will leak air into the recess for approximately a week until it seals and then the air disappears and it no longer leaks. This sort of thing is obviously best done by a vet. *by threehorses*

Another person commented that their Vet was going to charge $300 for removal of wing. Now that is too much in my book.
Now this is crazy, I've never done this but if it comes to saving a life, and I have no options I go to old school methods. I'd buy a whole unfrozen chicken at the store, use this chicken as a learning about bone deal. Cut meat off and examine bone so you know where you need to cut your chickens bone. Make a clean cut somewhere along the bone but a good place that will allow the bone to lay flat and not stick up. Have sharp sterilized sheers, cut the store bought chicken's bone where you want your chicken's bone cut, maybe just above the joint but not the joint. See above threehorses comment why not the joint. Do it quick and fast, practice again on the other side, then do your live chicken. You will need help and this will be very gut wrenching, but if it means saving her life, do it. If you can not, then ask a guy or neighbor or anyone who butchers chickens or has the guts and confidence to do it. My stomach hurts just thinking about this process, but I think it needs done to save her life.

Before I'd attempt such a thing as above, I'd beg and plea with my regular country Vet(not a city pet only vet), offer a set amount of what it is worth to you, tell him you will not hold him accountable for anything that goes wrong, that you will help, but chicken will have to do this with out anesthesia(this is the bulk of the expense). Perhaps he will have other ways of knowing how to numb the pain or at least make the chicken woozy so less pain. If it is juts cutting the protruding bone shorter, which sounds like your case, it should be fairly easy. I can guarantee your chicken is in pain right now so don't think your doing it any disservice with this short term pain, if there is any.

She will need to be on a heavy does of antibiotics. I recommend penicillin or baytril. Another reason to go to your Vet, to get antibiotic, if you don't already have some. Do injectables(oral not as effective) and ask your Vet how to administer. Insist on giving the shot yourself with his assistance. This will be a very valuable thing to know, and boost your confidence in future shots and will come in handy for years to come with chicken care. It is not that hard, it is just getting the guts and confidence to do it. I had to go on U-tube and find how to do it. When it comes to life or death, you will be amazed at what you are able to do. I never thought in a million years I could dig out a stinking rotten hole in my chicken oozing with 100's of maggots from fly-strike. I saved her, and have learned so much from the experience.

On the not eating, use drops of water in mouth, plenty of it, Gatorade to keep electrolytes up, that is if you do not have chicken electrolytes products, which would be better. If no Gatorade, then sugar water and just a tiny pinch of salt. Dehydration is the most common death of all illnesses. Try scrambling some eggs for her to eat, or soft bread crumbs. But for sure the electrolytes and water if not eating.
Electrolytes are primarily composed of the minerals sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, plus chloride, phosphates and sulfates. They are essential for the functioning of your cells and organs! You can survive a long time without eating solid foods but need these in the fluids.
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Thank you so much I'll call down tomorrow because the vet isn't open today. She has also been drinking quite a bit.
I agree about asking your regular vet to help. They will sometimes help you if you know what needs to be done and can explain it but just need help and maybe meds to do it. In this case an avian or exotic's vet that could give some anesthesia would be best but if not a regular vet will have to do the best he can.
Your not alone with this. Here is a very similar situation, lots of help and advise.
My heart goes out to you in your situation because several years ago a dog got ahold of one of my young hen's wings and broke it and tore it off with wing bone sticking out just like yours. I took the chicken to my vet because she acted fine other than the bone sticking out, but my vet just said the humane thing to do was to put it down. Either he didn't know what to do, didn't want to deal with it, or just thought it was stupid of me to want to save this chicken, I don't know, but with ignorance I did as he said. I wish I had not listened. Chickens are very tough creatures and even big gashes heal, with proper treatment and antibiotics. The wounds will heal from the inside out, not close-in up as you'd expect like for a dog or human. It will take time and isolation from the other chickens and making sure there are no flies around the wound is the most important.

Once you clip the bone shorter so it can heal with skin to grow over it, you can start you research on healing.
You will find many forums here on wound cleaning and care, blucoat, triple antibiotic cream(not the kind with pain relief), Vetericin, raw honey with salt and more.

I honestly have high expectations for your hen, even if your vet will not do it, I know you will find a way to do it. Your survival instinct will kick in. What do you got to loose if you do it wrong and what have you got to loose if you don't do it at all.

ps. I edited my earlier post. I had contradicting advise. Don't cut or remove at or in joint!
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