Her First Egg


Dec 12, 2020
Jacksonville, FL
I woke up this morning to a huge racket outside. Wondering NOW what!! Because the girls can have a habit of letting me know when I oversleep that it's feeding time.
I walk out and shadow is clucking and bucking up a storm strutting all over the cage. I mean she went on for about 5 minutes and the older mother hen was pretty much right behind her.

I looked in the nesting area and sure enough, finally after months of waiting, today she laid her first egg. It was small of course, but a nice little brown pullet egg.

She was just SO proud of it and letting the entire world know what she did. I couldn't help but get a big smile on my face watching her celebrate. You know, it's little things like this that make life worth living. Just the small little things to remind us of the wonders around us if we'd just take a moment to realize them.

I don't know why exactly, but I have to say, this right here is probably the best Christmas present I have gotten in the past 20 or so years of my sorry life. Think about it, no amount of money in the world could give you a present like this. Only a loving god could present you with such a tiny, but such a tremendous gift like this, reminding each and every one of us, that no matter how bad things get, he's watching, and looking over us. Something as simple as a tiny egg, can give a person hope, joy, and a little cheer in an otherwise really miserable year.

Merry Christmas everyone. This years Egg Nog is going to be very special, because the egg was really, a gift, given to me, by someone very special.


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