Herbicide / MSM / Is it safe? Weed control.


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Jul 21, 2019
I have a small coop of six chicks who free range in my neighborhood back yard on days that I’m in and out, and have a chicken run on other days. We had had a very hot and dry summer, and I am having a professional come spray my lawn to kill excess bahia grass. Is this a bad idea? How long should I keep the chickens out of the yard?
You'll need to find out exactly what he's spraying on the lawn and then look up the ingredients to see what risks are involved and what the recommended time "off" the lawn would be.

I personally don't risk using anything on the lawn.

Thanks for the fast response. He is using “MSM” which is Metsulfuron Methyl. I don’t see any concrete answers for poultry, but currently my yard needs to be cut every 4-5 days and the bahia is choking out my real grass at an alarming rate. What I can find says there is no grazing restriction on the product.

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